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Creatives are the most important factor which impact the performance of your ad campaigns on TikTok. When it comes to ads on TikTok it's important to fit seamless together with the organic content, which is a goal of TikTok to maintain the experience for the users. The most important thing to consider when you're making your ad content is that ads on TikTok shouldn't interrupt, they should entertain. This means generating content that entertains, educates and inspires without feeling misplaced on the platform.

7 top tips on how your content could perform better and fit the narrative on TikTok.

1. Go full screen
Make sure your video making the full 9:16 aspect ratio.

2. Make some noise
Make som noice is essential to the TikTok experience. And make sure to use either voice over or music or mix them both In your content. You can always leverage that Commercial music library Which is a music library for commercial use Which is available for organic content and for ads.

3. Make it short and sweet
TikTok found that shorter videos actually perform better. So 21-34 seconds is the recommended sweet spot that you should be aiming when you making your content.

4. Lo-Fi works best
On tiktok, you donΒ΄t need a massive production, all you need is your mobile phone with camera to get started. And really important to remember is that lo -fi does not equal low quality.

5. Show and tell
You should deliver your business messages in a way that aliens with the narrative. Include voice overs or speech to text overlays that concretizes your message.

6. Use trends to spark creativity
It's important to learn from trending organic videos to get inspiration. Explore directly in the app or explore TikTok creative center where you can find trending videos, hashtags and creators.

7. Collab with creators
They are the experts and they know how to make branded content shine. They can really help you to tell your story in a authentic way. There is also a marketplace for Tiktok where you can find Tiktok creators with different price points where you can find your creators to collab with, unfortunately, the marketplace is not available in sweden yet.

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