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Let's talk about the structure of your content on TikTok. The key to good content is storytelling and structure. To simplify, we will break down the structure down to 3 really clear phases; Hook, body and close.


So the first phase is to create a “hook”, that conveying the value of the content in the first 2 seconds to the user. So the hook should really aim to create intrigue, anticipation or build suspense. Lets have a look at 3 different types of hooks;

  • Suspense; The first one is based on suspense which has been shown to increase the watch time. Suspense your audience!
  • Surprise; The second one is based on surprise, for example, spoiling or saying something the viewer is not prepared for.
  • Emotion; And the third one is to leverage a emotional connection. Open up, talk and show things that people can relate to and make the audience become emotionally invested.

And then once we hooked the audience you can deliver the body of the content. If we have a look, here is 3 different types of a body.

  • A-ha moment; The first one is the a-ha moment. This can for example be a transformation, before and after and transitions.
  • Problem to solutions; And then we have “problem to solutions” and these are found in for example tutorials and challenges. Tell your audience how your product can solve a big or small problem with for example transformations and before- and after pictures.
  • Journey; The last one is journey. This is more detailed and longer form content and usually they take the form of guides, news or episodic content.

And then finally we have the close. You need to close a call to action that really shows what you want your audience to do. A strong CTA is fundamental to driving users. Our best practices is to use “shop now” or “learn more”.

So these are 3 really simple structures that you can easily adopt to your brand story in an authentic way.

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