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One of the latest features on TikTok is Search Ads, an exciting new ad format that is currently only available in the United States and has not yet reached the Nordic countries. Although the plattform is currently used by most as a source of entertainment, younger generations claim to increasingly use TikTok as a search engine and compliment to Google. In Generation Z, almost 40% of TikTok users claims to use TikTok for searching information and this can be an indicator that search ad will be an effective ad placement to reach younger generations with higher purchase intent. While rumors have circulated about how this feature will work, letโ€™s clarify what we know and can expect when it comes to TikTok Search Ads.

What is TikTok Search Ads?

TikTok Search Ads is an advertising feature based on user search habits on the TikTok platform. Unlike traditional search engine advertising, such as Google Ads, TikTok Search Ads primarily function as a placement system. This means that as an advertiser, you cannot actively choose which search terms (keywords) to target. Instead, TikTokโ€™s algorithm uses user searches and other relevant factors to place your ads in the most appropriate locations.

How TikTok Search Ads works

When a TikTok user searches for something on the platform, TikTok Search Ads will evaluate the specific search query and the userโ€™s previous behavior to determine which ads should be displayed. It is an intelligent algorithm that aims to connect users with relevant content and advertisements. It is important to note that as an advertiser, you have limited control over which searches your ads appear on. However, you can specify which search terms you do not want to be associated with to avoid irrelevant contexts.

Waiting for TikTok Search Ads in the Nordic Region

Unfortunately, TikTok Search Ads have not yet been launched in the Nordic countries. But there is good news! It seems that the platform has plans to expand the feature to new regions in the near future. If you are interested in using TikTok Search Ads when it becomes available in the Nordic region, you can join the waiting list or stay updated with the latest news from TikTok.


TikTok Search Ads are an exciting opportunity for marketers to reach a broader audience through user searches on the platform. Although we have not yet seen the feature in the Nordic region, it appears that it will soon be available to marketers here. Despite the limited control over keywords, TikTok Search Ads are a step in the right direction to make advertising on TikTok even more effective and relevant.

So keep your eyes peeled and look forward to when TikTok Search Ads finally reach our regions, offering us even more opportunities to engage with our target audience on this popular platform. We will continue to monitor developments and keep you updated on the latest news in digital marketing.

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