I created my first Facebook Ads campaign in 2008 and it's been my favorite channel ever since. As the CEO of a Facebook Marketing Partner & Instagram Partner - I have fantastic insights in current best practices for advertisers - and I'd like to share them with you.

No matter how experienced you are, it's never easy to know what settings in Facebook Ads Manager are the most optimal in each given scenario. Bidding strategy, bid, budget, audience, ad creative, conversion window and optimization goal are just a couple of the variables you have to take into consideration when setting up and optimizing a campaign.

So, here's my top 5 ways to boost your Facebook Ads

1. Customize Ad Creatives

A very common mistake when creating new ads is ignoring the feature placement asset customization - which is the possibility to upload a custom image/video, for each placement. Such as a 9:16 for Instagram Story and 4:5 for Instagram Feed.

2. Experiment with Bidding Strategies

Don't settle for one specific bidding strategy (that's just lazy!). If you're optimizing towards Conversions, make sure you're A/B testing some bidding strategies (Cost Cap, Bid Cap, Lowest Cost) in combination with a couple of different bids. This will help you find amazing sweet spots in cost-efficiency and volume.

3. Expand your audiences

Given that you're optimizing towards your actual goal (e.g. Conversions) - we see great uplifts once advertisers dares to create broader audiences - instead of narrowing it down too much. This enables Facebook's algorithms to find users likely to convert much easier.

4. Don't make hasty decisions

Drawing conclusions on handful of conversions is never statistically significant. You don't have to be a mathematician - but please remember that a significant number of data points is required before you can determine that a campaign, ad set or ad isn't (or is) working.

This is very difficult when you're a small advertiser, which is why in some cases it would make more sense to optimize towards Landing Page Views instead of Conversions.

5. Hands off!

Another very common mistake is advertisers micro managing their own campaigns. Please let the Facebook algorithms do it's wonders - and give it time. You probably won't reach a perfect volume and perfect ROAS the first day or so.