We all probably search to create those golden high-converting and engaging ads. There is no magic formula that will guarantee you both, but with poll ads you at least get a shot. Being able to create ads with polls in them is not a new feature, it's been around since September 2019 and it's a pretty cool format that I would like to see more of in my feed.

Poll ads are interactive and playful and let you engage with your audience as no other format on Facebook. Poll ads contains a question and two response alternatives and allows your audience to express their preference. It's a feature only available for video and in the Facebook News Feed. Also, not all objectives can use this feature. Objectives that currently support poll ads are;

  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • App Installs
  • Conversions.

If you are unsure how to select the right objective for your campaign, read more about this here.

So, we did an experiment...

My colleague Emma recently published a shorter version of an old company video we had laying around, and she added a poll to it. As you can see in the screenshot below we had a Matrix theme but with a marketing twist to it. Of course using the popular meme "Red or Blue Pill".  For all of you who haven't watched the Matrix, this is a reference to the scene were the main character Neo gets two options - to either take the "red pill" that reveals the unpleasant knowledge and the cruel truths of every day life, and taking a "blue pill" to remain in ignorance.

Our Marketing Matrix ad had the following options;

...take the blue pill. The story ends; you wake up in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe.


...take the red pill. You stay in wonderland and I'll show you how high the ROAS goes.

As you can see on the number of comments and reactions, to this ad quickly racked up some good results. It also ended up being a high-converting ad – which is exactly what we were after. My colleague Albin wrote about how to create a high-converting ad here and used the ad above as an example.

How to set-up your first ad with a Poll;

  1. Go to your Ads Manager
  2. Select to create a new campaign or add the poll ad to an existing Campaign that are compatible with the poll feature ( Brand Awareness, Reach, App Installs, Traffic or Conversions).
  3. Create your audience on Ad Set level ( if you are creating the Campaign from scratch).
  4. In the Ad creation set, select the Single Image or Video ( but remember the poll feature is only available with the video format).

5. Add your video creative.

6. Click on Add Poll.

7. Add the details to your Poll. Poll Question and Choice 1 and Choice 2 and which urls you want to direct your answers too. Adding urls are optional.

8. Click Save and resume to your ad.

9. Fill in rest of the details for your ad.

1o. Click confirm and publish.

11. Your ad will now appear in the Facebook Mobile Feed for the audience selected in your Ad Set.

12. To see the results of your Poll, again go to your Ads Manager and select the Campaign, Ad Set or Ad and click View Charts. Under Interactivity Results, choose Facebook Mobile News Feed from the dropdown menu and you will see Reach along with Poll Responses.

Utilizing the Poll feature in your ads can be a great way to connect with new customers and also for retention purposes. Here marketers are encouraged to really engage with the audience without falling in the engagement bait trap – which is a big NO. To get the most out of the Poll feature make sure to have a purpose with your question and use your audience feedback to develop your product or service, and really get to know what makes them tick. Ask viewers questions that can be related to the video and of course be genuine and creative!