Do you like high CTRs in Facebook Ads? Congratulations, you've found the right article to read. And congraulations to me, I just got myself a reader! 🤓

I'd like to keep this simple and straight to the point, so here's checklist for you:

  • Never leave an ad set with only 1 or 2 ads. Create more variations!
  • Always - and I mean always - use "Automated placements".
  • Customize your ad to look super-crisp in each placement. This requires a bit of extra work, but it's worth it.
  • Let each ad get enough impressions and clicks before pausing bad performing ones. Automate this if you want to save time. (Who wouldn't want that? This fish emoji maybe?! -> 🐡)
  • Experiment with huge variations in copy. Try everything from long storytelling-ads to short and snappy.
  • Try huge variations in your ad creatives. Experiment with some crazy animations, images or slideshows. Make stuff that POPs! There are a lot of apps out there, making this easy for you to do.
  • Increase the size of your target audience. Small audiences tends to be saturated quickly and that results in lowered CTR.
  • Be engaging in your copy and/or creative! And make sure to answer to any comments in your Facebook or Instagram Ads.
Let's just see how big difference it can be on 2 ad variations.

This one has a CTR of 4,46%:

But this one only has 0,57% in CTR:

That's a CTR difference with 682% (!).

And that was only 2 ad variations I tried in this example to show you how big difference there can be in Facebook Ads CTR 🤯

Wow, that was fast - you've already read through the post. Now you're maybe thinking: "That's it? I thought it was some magical Narnia-hack!" Sorry, but it's hard work behind success on Facebook Ads. 👩‍💻