We can't hide from the fact that we've entered un-chartered territory that probably, already have, or will affect everyone of us. We'll have to carry on our business as unusual.

Strong advertisers that has dominated much of the advertising space the last few years, both on Google and Facebook, are now pretty much non existent. The costs for advertising on Facebook is at an all time low.

It might be a short-term change, but no one can really predict the outcome. What is crucial is that companies adapt quickly and are flexible to meet the new world order. We will probably see a much faster than anticipated shift from retail to online.

And hey, if you're new to Facebook Ads, check-out our Facebook Ads Tutorials.

Lower CPM

We've been noticing lower CPMs across pretty much all social platforms. This is the outcome since a lot of larger advertisers are decreasing ad spend resulting in cheaper auctions and less competition together with a huge rise in screen time. Take advantage of this and win some great sales at a low cost.

For smaller advertisers its a good time to enter the Facebook Ads territory and pick some low hanging fruit.

Outcome is really depending on vertical. Some are doing great and some not so great. With some facing a significant decrease in average orders and some having to adapt to increased customer demand while while still trying to maintain stock levels and to keep customer satisfaction with deliveries and response times.f

  • Food delivery both grocery and take-out
  • Pharmacies
  • Home improvement
  • Beauty
  • Home office supplies
  • Home training

We can also see that an older demographic is making a shift to online shopping when movements in society is restricted. Which is something that has happened faster than expected.

Re-evaluate campaign plan frequently.  

Since the current state is changing from day to day there is a need to plan your campaigns and evaluate them more frequently. We recommend to have weekly or bi-weekly meetings regarding your upcoming campaigns. How you tweak your message etc.

Some campaigns that has been planed for a long time might have to be delayed our put on hold. Be on your feet and stay updated on the latest trends and how you can adjust to this new climate from week to week. Flexibility is 🔑 here!

Be aware of your message

Do NOT use Covid-19 in an ad to promote your business. Also do NOT use CORONA or COVID19 as a promotional code of any kind. We've seen a few of these ads floating around out there and it's not that cool to be honest. Instead inspire and be creative on how you can bring value to your customers in these strange times.

Remember that to keep creating buzz around your brand its more important now than ever, but be smooth about it and do not use the situation in an unethical way.

Inspire and be creative

Bring your creative A-game and have a plan on how to inspire your customer. What do you have in your stock that can be of value. How can you re-package your product for this time being. Can you start a fun trending campaign on social media? Have you tried TikTok to engage and inspire your audience ( if your audience is a millennials). Interested in learning more about TikTok? Read our starters guide here.

  • Make sure to test creating landing pages that inspire and collect a certain group of products. For example " All you need for your home office/home spa etc. If you can group these items on a landing page and make the step to check-out super smooth it would be awesome!
  • Create ads that POP! Our screen time is definitely on the rise, at least mine.. so make sure to grab your audience attention and create creative creatives.

And lets face it. We're always connected, even when we're doing some serious binge -watching on Netflix ( at least speaking for myself ), the mobile is often the last thing we look at before going to bed, and the first we look at when we open our eyes. Social Media harbours a lot of our social interactions, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, Whatsapp – whatever floats your boat!

  • So make sure to create for mobile-first!


Long-term thinking

Evergreen campaigns are always good to have active. Dynamic Product Ads are great for this. Dynamic Prospecting and Dynamic Re-targeting  shows relevant products to the right person. All you need for this is a pixel and a Product Catalogue and you are set to go.

Working with algorithms

During this period it can be great to team up with a Facebook Marketing Partner for advise and to use machine learning while reducing work hours and costs. Having algorithms doing manual work for you saves you even more time for other time consuming tasks.

If you are curious about what Zalsters algoritms can do for your business reach out and schedule a meeting with us here.

We held a webinar on this topic, in Swedish, so if you happen to speak Swedish check it out here for valuable insights and tips on how to tackle this situation to still manage to grow and keep a steady ROAS with your Facebook Ads.