”Building Stories-first creative, at whatever investment level.”

Go big on Stories. Old news, right? Well it kind of is; since Facebook rolled out the Stories format for Instagram in 2016 and later on to Facebook itself, as well as Messenger. So in that sense, the format isn’t new, nor is forcing the compass in that direction.

Stories targeting Earth = success

No news so far, but yes you’re right, there is a ”but” coming here. The thing is; marketers are very slow when it comes to Stories adaptation, which is unbelievably weird given the data on the format. If you look at volume (and these are the latest numbers from Facebook); there’s about 500 million active users on Instagram Stories and 300 million active users on Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories daily - to match with 2 million active advertisers monthly. These differences tell you that marketers are finding their business model challenging when it comes to work with Stories to activate new customers as well as reactivating old ones. Stories is a format that often gets you those cheap conversions across platforms, as well as getting the brand awareness that you desperately want to attract. Stories is personal, raw and open for qwerky, non-produced (or high produced) content that you can deliver to your customer in a 15 second one-to-one full screen moment with sound. And I can tell you; that 15 seconds ad space is going to be a lot longer in Stories in a while. How is that not worth going for? Of course it’s not that easy to just go ahead and make creatives for Stories, otherwise everyone would be doing it already (hopefully). But it isn’t actually that hard either (yes we know, took a cheap shot there).

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This is a Stories ad but later posted organically in our feed

We actually made some branding ads ourselves by just using an iPhone (👆), added some basic editing and an alluring text overlay plus logo - it doesn’t have to be more difficult than that. In another version we added a swipe up-effect, piece of cake. By that time, random people literally stoped the guy (in the video above) on the street telling him that they've seen him all over Instagram and were really interested to know more about us. Stories is a format that accepts all, but really seem to reward the sort of home made raw look and feel of it. By that sense, it’s actually really easy to get started. If you’re selling products, take every landscape shot vertically as well, and throw in some movement from a regular template or use Video Creation Kit in Facebook when those ads are in draft. Just try it out and find the sweet spot that matches your brand towards your customers and potential customers.

After hearing the latest from Facebooks creative roadmap, we know the development of the format isn’t slowing down. If marketers out there aren’t adapting to it in 2019, it’s going to be a real mountain to climb when more personal and direct customer interaction, playables directly in the ad and the shopping experience will roll out in Stories (because it’s coming in the near future). We’re actually investing in a real movie studio ourselves just to start mass producing our own content, since it’s the new wave at the moment.

In 2019; our focus is (still) Stories, is it going to be yours?