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Great title, huh?

We've actually used that title for the last year or so when we've done workshops, webinars, seminars (yada yada) and it's a very accurate description of the content, as is it in this blog post as well.

This subject is quite big, and there are constantly new guidelines so in the wait for the new, fully updated, long and maximized read on creatives - you're going to have to do with this one. We made these as pictures so you can easily save them on your phone or computer (but most likely phone) and have some smooth guidelines available at all times. These are the basics, but our experience is that 95% isn't aligned with this. So if this is news to you; you're in good company 😊.

Some great apps to use for ad creatives

FYI: We also have a whole other blog post arguing why you should go BIG on Stories to check out (if you're not tired of our writing already 😉).