Campaign Pool Budget is one of the newest features in Zalster. We've made it even easier for you as a marketer to distribute budget between campaigns –instead of making decisions on gut-feeling our algorithms will do the job for you. By using Zalster, you can lean back and let algorithms make smart data driven decisions, so that you can spend your time on other tasks. Sounds pretty cool, huh!?

So, since you ended up here I guess you're curious on who we are and what we do. Let me start of with the basics, Zalster is a Facebook Marketing Partner & Instagram Partner providing a comprehensive web-based software. We want to help advertisers automate all manual processes for your Facebook Ads. With automation and machine learning algorithms we help businesses to fully automate and utilize the power of Facebook Ads. So in this blog post we want to guide you in  how to use one of our newest features to its full potential when you start your free 14-day trial.  

Facebook has been rolling out the Campaign Budget feature (CBO) for some time now and will soon make it mandatory for all campaigns. This means that Facebook will allocate the budget that you set on campaign level and and distribute it across the active ad sets within the campaign based on ad set performance. Zalster has been offering this feature to users for a couple of years already, but will now take things to the next level and offer Campaign Pool Budget Optimization (CPBO).

The Campaign Pool Budget feature allows you to group campaigns with a common goal and optimize the distribution of your budget between the campaigns within that pool. In this way you get more control over the way your budget is spent based on data instead of what you think is reasonable.

To keep in mind when using the Campaign Pool Budget is that you should only create pools with campaigns that you consider have the same end goal. Meaning you can group Conversion campaigns with Traffic campaigns etc. as long as you have the same end goal for them in mind. The budget will be allocated between the campaigns based on how it performs towards the goals defined for the Pool.

Let me give you an example: If we look at the second image above and imagine that we are creating a campaign pool with the three different campaigns as the image shows. Our first campaign has the Conversions objective, the second campaign has the Traffic objective and the third has a Video View objective, our common goal for these campaigns are Purchases - we will select this in the optimizations guide. The budget will be allocated between the campaigns depending on how they perform towards the goal that we have defined in our optimization.

We recommend that you use the CPBO together with the increase or decrease budget feature in Zalster. You can set rules to decrease or increase the budget depending on performance, this really allows you to get the most out of your campaigns.  

What can you as an advertiser expect? Well, a smoother process of distributing your budget between campaigns which will base your decisions on data instead of that gut-feeling. The Campaign Pool Budget will simplify your workflow and (hopefully) improve your results - you still need to have some Facebook Ads game in you... But by utilizing Zalster's CPBO together with Facebooks CBO it will make your campaigns even more powerful, by letting Zalster optimize the budget cross campaigns and Facebook optimize the budget within the campaign.

OMG!! How do i get started the CPBO feature?  Simply sign up to Zalster, we offer a 14-day free trial ;)

Good luck 👋