You probably know that the past couple of years Instagram made som updates to its algorithms to ensure relevance and value to its users.  Just when we thought we were finally working the algorithms to our advantage, huh…

The latest update dictates the order of the posts that users see when they’re scrolling their feed and stories. Based on user behavior, posts get prioritized, pushing the most relevant towards the top of the feed while other content ends up being placed further down resulting in reach slipping away.

No worries, your are not alone. 🙃 In this post, we’ll focus on Instagram, and give you an actionable checklist of 7 tips to ensure the growth of your Instagram reach.

1. Find your optimal posting time:
Look at your Instagram insights to see what your account's individual "best time to post" is and utilize on it. Timing is a relevant factor in the eyes of the Instagram algoritm and it’s important to make sure you’re posting when the majority of your audience is online. To access your Instagram Insights: Go to your profile top menu and press on "statistics". The Audience tab shows important statistics about your followers.

2. Post consistently:
Post (at least Stories) daily. It's proven to increase follower growth pace with +100% compared to only posting once per week. The algorithm works in your favor if you post quality content that receives engagement regularly.

3. Always engage with your followers:
If they answer or react on an Instagram post or story - answer them. The more engagement, the better reach.

4. Automatically boost posts:
Boosting high engaging posts is a great way to increase organic reach and bring new potential customers to your website. We recently created an automation tool to make the process a bit easier. Now, when you're mastering creating frequent and engaging content, set up rules for auto boosting them on Instagram. It will grow your Instagram account reach, engagement and following through cost-efficient paid boosting of your organic content. You can now try it for free for 44 days!

5. Host contests or ask questions:
This is a great way to encourage engagement. Asking questions or calling for an action is one of the best ways to encourage your followers to interact with your Instagram posts. It can be everything from involving them in a voting on stories choosing colors on a product to hosting a giveaway or contest. Dry on contest inspiration? Here are some examples: Like and/or comment, photo caption, tag-a-friend, trivia/skill-based, user-generated content or Instagram Stories contest.

6. Go live on Instagram:
A little "hack" to steal some spotlight of the feed since stories is placed at the top. Stories is usually the first interactive stop when opening the Instagram app so broadcast video in real time to your followers can help boost your reach. It’s great for announcements, as well as personalized check-in/QnA with your followers.

7. Maximize your use of relevant hashtags:
Use few but highly relevant hashtags (not too broad tags, like #food or #inspiration - since they are busy hashtags meaning you will get limited exposure). Ever wondered why so many Instagram accounts include a whole bunch of hashtags in their own comment field on all their posts? It’s because hashtags are the absolute best way to boost your reach on Instagram. Don't forget to include them in stories as well.