Ignite Discovery πŸ‘€

Keep creating buzz around your brand online, now is more important than ever. A lot of large advertisers are decreasing ad spend resulting in cheaper auctions and less competition together with a huge rise in screen time. Take advantage of this and win some great sales at a low cost.

  • Inspire your potential customer and build a relationship based on trust.
  • Build a solid funnel from Awareness to Conversion.

Go Broad πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦

We are entering a new shift in marketing where advertisers need to re-think and widen their target demographics as well as their value propositions since gender and age are becoming more irrelevant.

  • Use new kind of spokespeople and try to adopt a more age/gender-neutral approach during campaign creation to unleash further sales.
  • Let data make decisions for you, instead of that old gut-feeling.

Consolidate πŸ†

  • Avoid spreading budgets over several campaigns and marketing channels. Keep the winners and leave the losers.
  • If possible, consolidate countries within same Ad Sets to create powerful campaigns and let Facebook find the right audience.
  • Focus on warm audiences such as re-targeting over cold prospecting campaigns for better short-term ROI.
  • Make sure to create Value Based Lookalike audiences on your Purchase Pixel Event to be used in a solid prospecting campaign.

Add Value πŸ’Ά

Do what you can to help your customers help you, and try to increase AOV.

  • Offer discounts on bundled products, threshold sales, free gifts, returns, exchanges or shipping, and team up with home delivery businesses.
  • Make the transaction as smooth as possible.

Be Kind 🐻

Give an option to round up for charity in the checkout process to help yourself or others in need. People are more likely to help right now!