During the course of the upcoming months, we will conduct one A/B test per month - with a budget of $10'000 each. The purpose will be to help make you a better marketer - by experimenting on how different settings in a Facebook Ads campaign will impact performance. 👩🏾‍🔬

A sneak-peak of A/B tests we will run:

  • Budget: $3333 vs $6666 in budget for a campaign.
  • Ads Copy: Emojis vs. No Emojis.
  • Bidding strategy: Cost Cap vs. Lowest Cost
  • Instagram Story Ads: Video vs. Image.
  • Number of Ads in an Ad Set: 2 Ads vs. 20 Ads.
  • Post Popularity: An ad starting with thousands of reactions vs. no reactions.

Every month, the A/B test will be analyzed in detail and results will be published with full transparency so you can adapt the learnings to your Facebook and Instagram campaigns. 🙌

Do you want to get the results of these A/B tests sent to your mail inbox, monthly? Shoot me an email with the email subject "10k" at albin@zalster.com :)

(The subscriber list will be limited to 500 emails. So hurry up before it's full!)